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Download Timer and Stopwatch Widgets - Tea Time APK

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The description about Download Timer and Stopwatch Widgets - Tea Time APK

Tea Time provides simple widgets that let you place one or multiple timers and stopwatches on your home screen that you can set, start and reset without having to open an app.

● Single Touch to Start: Simply tap the widget on your home screen to start or stop the timer or stopwatch
● Set Timer from Home Screen: Tap the - or + buttons to increment the timers - no need to open an app to set the time
● Multiple Widgets - Anywhere on you Screen: Add as many widgets as you want and place them anywhere on your home screen
● Match Any Wallpaper: Options for background and transparency let you blend the widget with your wallpaper, or turn up the contrast for maximum visibility
● Choose Your Ring Sound: Choose from any of your phone's ring or notification sounds
● Variable Ring Time: Either play a ring sound just once, or longer until you stop it
● Adjust Time While Running: Tap the - or + buttons while the timer is running to quickly add or remove time
● Optional Ring Notification: Choose to have a notification popup when the timer goes off, with actions to stop or restart the timer
● Free - No Ads

After installing the app, simply add a Tea Time widget (or multiples) to your home screen.

Tea Time also has a few options available, which you can access through the app screen, or by double-tapping on the widget. You can set the time using a slider, which is faster than the buttons, or set how fast the buttons increment the timer. You choose the sound, the volume, and how long it rings when the timer goes off. You can also change the background and text color and transparency.

Note that the Tea Time widgets are small and simple, and can't provide all the sophisticated options of some timer or stopwatch apps. The maximum time is limited to 90 minutes (or 99 for the stopwatch) due to the limited space for the numbers.

What's new

New in 2.3.0:
- Added option to turn off ring sound
New in 2.2.1:
- Fixed crash on Android 12
New in 2.2:
- Increased timer and stopwatch limits to 9 hours
- Changed setting for timer to number picker wheels
New in 2.0:
- Added stopwatch widget
- Enabled resizing of widgets
- Restore system Alarm volume after playing ring sound

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