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LeafNote is a powerful note-taking application. It's designed based on the Material Design, provides rich and beautiful themes. It's fluent and exquisite, supports Markdown, developed for cross-platform collaboration.

Compared with other application, LeafNote:

✨ First, It's multi-level directory, based on the file system. At the same time, it provides tag and category to manage your notes. It reference notes and images by relative path. Therefore, LeafNote can synchronize notes with other platforms with no change.

✨ LeafNote can insert pictures taken in or from album into notes. Pictures are stored on your phone, which is reassuuring and safe. Pictures inserted in notes can be previewed directly on other platforms directly.

For synchronization, LeafNote provides export and WebDAV, and more in the future. By synchronization, you can modify and browse notes on other platforms to achieve cross-platform collaboration.

LeafNote provides many useful functions:

☆ It's based on file system design, supports multi-level directory, and adopts relative path management. You can collaborate with note-taking software on other platforms through synchronization and export.

☆ It's designed base on Material Design, smooth and fluent, supports dark and bright themes, App themes, editor themes and code themes. So far, LeafNote has supported 10+ App themes, 24+ editor themes, 28+ code themes and holiday themes.

☆ In LeafNote, you can use various Markdown syntax, such as bold, italic, link, strikethrough, tables, mathematical formulas, lists, pictures, etc. LeafNote also allows you to link to other notes and pictures, enter LaTeX in real-time preview.

☆ LeafNote allows you to insert pictures into notes by relative path. Whether you migrate your notes to other platforms or import notes from other platforms, LeafNote can parse and display according to the relative path of the picture.

☆ You can use LeafNote to scan and manage documents. LeafNote provides functions of taking pictures and selecting from album, supports 10+ filter effects and various functions such as picture flipping, mirror conversion, random cropping, adding notes and OCR etc.

☆ Besides the hierarchical directory, LeafNote uses the YAML formatted tags and categories to manage notes.

☆ LeafNote allow global search of keyword on all notes provides a highlight for search results.

☆ Multi-end collaboration! LeafNote provides two methods, export and WebDAV, to help you synchronize notes to other platforms for collaboration.

☆ You can use LeafNote to open text and code files in various formats in your phone. LeafNote will select the syntax highlighting of the corresponding format according to the file type.

☆ LeafNote makes full use of the features of the Android, supports App Widgets, note shortcuts, and shortcuts for taking pictures and creating notes, etc.

☆ In order to improve the performance of the software, LeafNote uses many algorithms to optimize, such as the diff algorithm to deal with file conflicts, image compression algorithm to save your storage and make file transfers more efficient.

☆ In LeafNote, you can export your notes as PDF, HTML, Markdown text files or pictures.

☆ LeafNote provides a variety of thoughtful tools, such as timeline, tree structure page, custom text size, note and picture selection dialogs, etc.

☆ No loss! LeafNote provides multiple mechanisms such as regular storage, automatic saving of unexpected exits to prevent the loss in all aspects.

Life is expression! As you can see, LeafNote adopts a simple and elegant design. We hope to combine beauty, culture and software design. It isn't just an editing tool. In the future, we will develop more interesting features. Stay tuned~

What's new

- ♥ New: sync, refined the failure handle fow
- ♥ New: sync, allow to sync note and image manually
- ♥ New: auto encoding detect and allow to change encoding
- ♥ New: avoid duplicate to save more drafts
- 🔨 Fix: failed to open note on Android R
- 🔨 Fix: some texts and interaction

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