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With Time to Count quickly calculate scores for the Ticket to Ride board game. It is intended to be used as the game finishes and all points are counted. Time to Count currently supports all 22 expansion boards.

The app stores history of scores and best scores for each expansion.

The basic version support the USA game. On the full version bonuses are scored according to extension rules! Some bonuses have views to see how players rank for the bonus. Each extension requires some information to be input as indicated below and points are awarded. Also help screens in the app show how to do scoring. Ties are considered as in the rules.

Routes: Undo button for editing. Only lengths for the game board extension are shown. Number of train cars left are indicated to validate that all routes were accounted for.

Destination Tickets: With a simple click you can add the complete tickets and incomplete tickets. Undo button for editing. Buttons for only points the actual destination tickets in the extension are shown.

Longest Continuous Path: Input longest continuous path in train cars for each player. The bonus corresponding to the specific extension is awarded to the player(s) with the longest continuous path. There is an option to only input the player(s) to be awarded the bonus score and not enter each player's longest path.

Globetrotter: Points are awarded to the player(s) who completed the most destination tickets with the bonus corresponding to the extension.

Europe Stations: Input how many stations were used for each player; 4 points are awarded for each.

Rails and Sails Ports: For each player indicate if each port was used and how many destination tickets for that port were completed; points are awarded accordingly. Also the lost points for exchanged pieces are recorded to adjust the final score for each player.

Africa Double Routes: Input how many routes were made with terrain cards for each player; extra points are awarded accordingly. For this expansion it is necessary to simply take note of routes made with terrain cards for each player during game play.

India Mandalas: Input how many completed destination tickets are in the mandalas for each player.

Asia Mountain: Input how many train cars were used for mountains for each player.

Nederland Toll Tokens and Loans: Input how many loans were taken and toll tokens at the end of the game for each player; points are awarded accordingly.

Pennsylvania Shares: For each player input how many cards and best card for each share; points are awarded accordingly. For two player games input the dummy player information with the half of the cards that are used for scoring.

United Kingdom Cards: For each player indicate the cards that were bought; points are awarded accordingly. Only cards that award points are considered. For the Steam Turbine card input number of ferries built at the time the card is bought and ferries at the end. For the Double Heading card input number of routes built at the time the card is bought. For this expansion it is necessary to simply take note of this information during game play.

Márklin Passengers: Input merchandise points for each player.

Germany Passengers: Input number of meeple passengers for each player.

Old West Cities: Each time a route is built and there are cities take note of points for cities. Points are awarded for player(s) that owns the city and subtracted for the player that built the route. This subtraction is to net out with the route points counted in the Route screen.

New York: Indicate attractions visited for each player.

London: For each player indicate which districts were completed.

Amsterdam: For each player indicate number of merchandise cards.

Japan: For each player indicate position in bullet train track race.

Italy: For each player indicate connected regions.

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Pink Play expansion now available for Time to Count.

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