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Many apps in the background uses internet to perform backend task such as updating and showing notifications. Such apps consume your internet data without your knowledge. On the other hand, you don’t want some apps to use your internet service at particular time you simply block internet for those apps using internet blocker: block internet access. WIFI blocker- Internet blocker app allows you to block internet for any app. You can block data as well as WIFI for specific app on single tab.
Net Blocker App: Block Internet Access for Apps provides feature to view all installed app or system apps with option to block WIFI or data network on single tab using Internet Blocker You can sort the list of apps either in ascending or descending order for your convenience. Block internet access: net blocker is easy to use and have user friendly UI that you don’t need to have any expertise to use this app. You have blocked internet access for number of apps and you want to filter the blocked apps from the list of apps internet blocker provides you this amazing feature to view only blocked apps.
Another adorable feature of this app is if you want to restrict your child from using phone such that you don’t want to allow your child to use internet for specific apps, you can simply block internet access for that particular app using WIFI blocker- Internet blocker. This is for your child safety to keep him away from negative sites and protect him from scamming.
As many apps are using internet service will consume your device resources most importantly battery. You can optimize your battery by blocking internet access for apps you are not using. It improves performance and efficiency of your device.

Features of Net Blocker App: Block Internet Access for Apps

1. Internet blocker provides list of both installed and system apps.
2. Block internet access provides feature to block both data and WIFI of any specific app on single tab.
3. You can sort the list of all apps in ascending in descending order for your convenience using net blocker app-restrict web access app.
4. Net blocker for apps provides you feature to filter enable and disable apps on single tab.
5. You can search for specific app from list of apps by simply typing name in search bar using net blocker.

How to Use Net Blocker App: Block Internet Access for Apps

1. Click on the apps button to see the list of all app. You can filter out the installed and system apps from menu.
2. In the list of apps there is option for both WIFI and data network with toggling effect and you can block and unblock internet for any specific app.
3. There is option in the menu and you can sort the list of apps and also filter the enable and disable apps.

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