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The main focus is using the app as a journal and keeping track of exp (expecially if you play more than on character at the same time^^).
But there are extra features for keeping track of your characters progression as explained below:
  ★You can create characters, sessions and log entries which are related to certain chars and sessions.
  ★You can track the experience of your characters and you have the option to spend exp.
  ★You can create tags in you log entries and you can mark log entries as Feats/Skills/Languages... to track you character progression and see an overview of your character progression.
  ★You can export your data to your dropbox. and import it again

See for a detailed user manual.

We play a modified version of D&D 3.5 E6 ( and the mechanic of the app is adapted to our personal needs, but I think it is flexible enough to be usefull for anyone, especially if you just want to keep track of you exp and feats.

This is only a private project that I want to share because I think that it might be useful to others as well and because I'm interested in feedback. But please keep it constructive :)

 • for the nice character icons :)
 • wallpaper taken from
 • fileChooser in the app come from and was slightly adapted.
 • settings icon from from

since I use the file chooser above I reproduce their copyright terms:
Don't use this app for any kind of commercial purpose and if you provide access to it some other place, please ask first and give reference to me.

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cache charDetails
fix show logs on long click for some elements in char details

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