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Best minigames Minecraft maps are types of games that can be played alone or with other players. Many multiplayer servers include a wide range of different minigames. The most common type of minigames are PvP minigames, where players fight each other. There are also minigames where players build competitively. These are not all types of minigames. People in the community tend to be creating new ones.
- Spleef is a popular minigame where players attempt to break blocks under their opponents in order to cause them to fall.
- Ultra Hardcore Challenge, or UHC, is a PvP minigame which allows most activities of normal survival, except that players do not regenerate health naturally.
- SkyWars is a PvP minigame. The map consists entirely of islands floating in the sky, meaning that a player who falls off the map dies in the void.
- TNT wars features even teams of players building TNT cannons to try to blow up the other teams.
- BedWars is a PvP minigame similar to SkyWars, except that players start with a bed on their starting island.
- Build Battle, players compete to build the best build based on a given theme within the time limit.
- Parkour is a jumping game often played alone.
- Survival Games, sometimes known as Hunger Games, is a PvP minigame based on the book series.
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Download Mods for Minecraft is available for free. Leave your comments and ask questions and the problems encountered during the installation process.
Work with versions: 1.19, 1.18, 1.17, 1.16, 1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9; Maps are compatible all mods, addons, servers, skins, updates and multiplayer for Minecraft.

Step-by-step instructions:
- No launcher required for installation
- Open the file manager and go to the Internal Storage.
- Find the Download folder go to it.
- Find the Addons Minecraft folder go to it.
- Find the downloaded addon and click on it. It installed automatically.

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application Mods for Minecraft. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. All rights reserved in accordance with

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