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Are you looking for interesting calculators, do you think old calculators are a bit outdated? Then choose the color calculator, which is cooler and easier to use than the default calculator! Like princesses and princes in fairy tales, let's solve math problems! The color calculator keeps you in a good mood while doing homework~~

Exclusive [🍬Dynamic Skin🍬] on the whole network, the world’s first [Moving Calculator], you will love it!

The color calculator has more than 30 beautiful skins. Download the color calculator, choose the skin you like, and immediately have the cutest calculator


🍭Exclusive original [dynamic skin] to create the coolest [moving calculator] on the entire network, \"🌙moon\", \"💫meteor\", \"🌟rolling stars\", \"⚡️Lightning\", \"🎃🍬 trick or treat 👻\", Wait for the dynamic theme to be online

🍭Built-in 30+ free exquisite skins, \"🦄Unicorn\", \"🌔Planet\", \"🐱Cute Cat\", \"🍧Summer Time\", \"🌃Midnight\", \"🎠Carousel\", \"🌈Rainbow\", \"❄️Snow\", and \"🍨 Cool themes such as \"Summer Iced Drink\", \"🎂cake\", \"🌠Aurora\", etc., and are constantly updated every week

🍭Provide free exquisite skins suitable for boys \"🔱current\", \"🌑X planet\", \"🛸UFO\", \"🌌nebula\", and \"◼️dark\", which are updated every week

🍭Display calculation process, easy to modify and view calculation formula

🍭Real-time results display, the calculation results are displayed instantly during the calculation process

🍭Small size, smaller than the default calculator, faster calculation

🍭Support the calculator HD version, all calculator skins are displayed in HD

🍭Support \"+ - × ÷\" various four arithmetic operations, support% operation

🍭Support square, power, radical calculation, easy to solve mathematical problems

🍭Support checking error calculations, reporting errors in real time, saving time

🍭Support historical record query, copy and paste

🍭Support 8 decimal places for more accurate calculation

🍭 Provide a dark theme suitable for night

🍭Provide \"keypress sound\" and \"keypress vibration feedback\", you can also turn off feedback in —> (Theme-Settings)

What's new

- New dynamic theme 'Atom' is available.
- New themes 'Gingerbread Man' and 'Winter' are available.
- Fixed some calculation issues in certain condition .

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