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A powerful viewer with no ads.

💎 App introduction

✔️ EasyViewer
No ads!
It provides all the features of the paid version except a few features. (Background TTS, image effect)

✔️ EasyViewer (Red)
Instead of having ads, it's the most powerful viewer for offering all the features of the paid version without any feature restrictions.
All formats supported! (text documents, image files, PDF, TIFF, EPUB, e-books).

✔️ CherieViewer
CherieViewer is an ad-free paid version.
It provides all the features of EasyViewer and runs faster without ads.

💎 Features

✔️ Everything is automatic.
The image is automatically detected and divided into 1 or 2 sheets, or displayed in webtoon mode.
There is no inconvenience to constantly change the split mode according to the image.

✔️ One touch run
There is no need to touch several times to change a specific function or setting.
It is convenient to be able to operate function with minimal touch.

✔️ Fast speed
Load 100 mega text documents at high speed.

✔️ Full support of e-books
E-books (EPUB, CBZ, CBR) can be read immediately, and two pages on a screen like a paper book are convenient.
Not only the text but also the image is displayed properly.

✔️ FTP, SFTP, SMB, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV supported

✔️ Supports unlimited multiple compressed files (zip,7z,rar,arj,cbz,cbr)
Supports compressed files in compressed files, so you can view documents and images without extracting the compressed files.
Also, it provides more convenient by providing folder view function to navigate inside compressed file.

📚 text viewer
- Supports 2-stage split output
(Shows 2 pages per screen like a paper book)
- Support to read by TTS
(Press the speaker button in text viewer mode)
- Furigana (Ruby) support
We support Furigana, which is a Japanese German sound.
- Vertical output support
It supports vertical printing used in Chinese characters/Japanese books.
- Comment/hyperlink support
Supports comments/hyperlinks in e-books, so you can conveniently view the contents of comments by touching the comments.
- E-book support (EPUB, CBZ, CBR)
- Adjust font/size/line spacing/character spacing/left/right margin/upper and lower margins

🌄 Image Viewer
- Animated GIF support
- Support various image formats (webp, TIFF, PDF, jpg, png, bmp, gif, pic, zip, 7z, cbz)
- Split, Auto Split, View Direction (Left-> Right, Right-> Left)
When set to Auto Split, the image is automatically detected and divided into 1 or 2 images.
- Webtoon View Support: You can conveniently view long vertical images.
- Support various effects (Inverse/Mono/Sepia/Sharp/Bold/Dark/Bright)

💎 Other features
- Google Drive, Google Team Drive, Shared Drive support
- Bluetooth devices support
- Create a shortcut icon on the home screen
- PDF to JPEG converter

* Permissions explained
- Access all files - Browse files and folders (required)
- Storage - View text/image files (required)
- Bluetooth - Control the viewer function with the Bluetooth headset button (optional)
- Contacts - Permissions required by OneDrive/Google Drive (optional)
- Phone dial - Required by TTS (optional)

* Etc
- EasyViewer PC version can be downloaded from
- If you have any inconvenience or improvement while using it, please leave a comment at

What's new

- System theme, day/night theme added
- Improved touch handling logic (Thanks to HS Lee)
- Improved TTS logic (Thanks to Steve Lee, 현우, 송호림)
Fixed an error where TTS stopped when certain special characters were included
Improved special character handling logic
- Fixed folder color logic
- Change version information
It shows the modification date and build number for easier understanding.
- Improved EPUB image processing logic
- Improved bookmark logic (Thanks 박상민)
- Other improvements

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