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\"Delete Cache PRO Memory\" is a complete tool that allows you to quickly delete or delete cache from our system, our application performs an analysis and determines which applications are loading the cache system and depending on the configuration, it proceeds to delete all that stored memory which leaves us the slow system many times.

Remove automatic cache:
We have an option that automatically deletes the cache and this is programmed in the settings, there we can choose the option \"Delete cache when starting the app\" or \"Delete cache when starting the system\", this way we will have an automatic cache cleaning.

We are an application to eliminate useful and light cache memory that can be an excellent complement to your android phone.

Why clear the cache memory?:
Many times some applications have large amounts of information that are not useful to us but that are still stored and taking up space, this causes some apps to start slowly and become heavy, when this happens APPS of the type to delete cache are very useful so that they return to work optimally due to the cache cleaning performed.

How does our \"Delete cache memory PRO\" app work?
Our app acts as a cache memory cleaner that, when started, analyzes the memory in use, stored cache memory and free memory.

Delete Cache and Junk:
This type of registry slows down the device and is called this way to all kinds of waste left by uninstalled applications, browsing pages loaded with downloadable content, online videos and some applications that work in the background, to eliminate cache and junk files. to the section to eliminate cache and you click the cleaning button and the application begins to perform an action that in a few seconds the phone will start to improve performance as long as this is what caused it.

Delete Ram Memory:
This term is known because many times the devices are slow because some application that is already closed is temporarily occupying or using the Ram memory in the background, to eliminate ram memory you can use the optimize option on the main screen of our app and then pass ´ pr our cooling section, let the phone rest for a few minutes and ready it will be optimal again.

- Delete Automatic cache.
- Clear memory cache.
- 5Mb of great utility (Lightweight).
- A lot of languages.

Why use our APP!
With our tool you can delete cache of applications that consume ram memory, you can do this process automatically or manually.

Eliminating cache and garbage is the main objective of this application in conjunction with other very complete functions such as battery saving, accelerate ram, battery cooling and cpu.
We have an excellent function that allows us to delete cache and junk files, these can be obsolete apk, advertising cache, unused files that end up being junk in the phone system.
Going in more depth, we can eliminate internal memory, this because the function allows us to manually choose what to delete permanently, with this function we can hide that annoying ad to remove full memory.

By removing the cache memory we will obtain the available space in the internal memory for my phone, this together with other optimization options will leave us a stable system.

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You can contact us by mail at: [email protected] it will be a pleasure to assist you.

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