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Bad Santa Saves Christmas

Every Christmas, kids around the world write letters to Santa Claus, as the story tells good kids get cool presents because they were good kids all year, but all the naughty kids gets no presents at all, the naughtry kids are fed up with this Santa rules, and this year they will get what they want, they will steal the presents from the Santa Claus and ruin the christmas joy to all the good kids, save this christmas tale.

In an indie survival rouge-like game where your main goal is to collect presents to the present bag, and protect the bag from the naughty kids that want to steal them, and ruin Christmas for the good kids.

With a fast-paced nonstop action you will be facing kids from all over the place. Choose your best weapon, and skills to stop them from ruining Christmas for us all. Competing for the best score worldwide, the top 3 players appear on the official website, but you can play without the internet or without setting up your username.

This is a free game, every game you will win a reward in virtual money that you can use in the game to buy skins, weapons, and skills, for more information about them visit the website below.

Official Interactive website:

- Basic (just walks to the presents)
- Bat (attack you with a bat and stun you)
- Balloon (throws balloons at you and slow you)
- Trap Spawner (spawn traps, slow field and bombs)
- Boxe (has more hp, punches you and stuns you)
- Big Kid (is bigger than other kids, has more hp and is slower)

- Lollipop (2 combos)
- Candy (2 combos)
- Katana (3 combos)
- Beam Sword (throws a lighting attack if hits an enemy)
- Bat (parry projectiles)
- Pistol (6 bullets)
- Shotgun (2 bullets)

- Fast speed
- Slaper (spawns an adult that slaps kids)
- Bomb
- Elf (spawns an elf that catches presents)
- Distraction (spawns a teddy bear that attracts kids to them, some enemies are immune to it)
- Present Spawner (spawns a bag that spawns 3 presents over time)

What's new

- New enemy types (bat, balloon, catch presents, trap spawners, box)
- Revamped weapons, each weapon has a unique playstyle
- Revamped enemy waves
- Revamped controls and camera
- New trophies and daily rewards
- New UI

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