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Grabbing a cab? Has it ever been this easy?
Well! Neither has giving a lift been this easy!

BTW is all about sharing a ride.
Are you a rider having your own vehicle but no company to travel with?
Or a passenger wanting a comfy lift reasonably priced?
We are talking about both of you on BTW!

01. How do we make it possible for you?
Well, BTW is a ride sharing app. But no cliché!
Here gives you the hosts, the opportunity to share your empty seats with someone looking to go to
the same destination as you. Those of you, who are looking for a vehicle to get to your destination,
well! You can find a fellow host going to the same destination as you.

02. Count on us!
Wonder why you should choose BTW for your next ride?
Simply, it’s because we care! Wanna know HOW we CARE?

WE CARE about your COST!
Travelling takes extra effort. Grabbing a taxi these days! Urgh! Might even snatch half of your
salary for that!

BTW lets you get a ride for a low cost.
You would say “It’s all worth it!”
BTW lets you host a ride
Guaranteeing extra cash on top of saving 100% for your gas.
You would say “It’s all worth it!”

WE CARE about your SAFETY!
Travelling these days is so not self-assured.
For that concern, BTW gives you a “share your location” option with anyone you want. Doesn’t
matter even if they don’t have the app!
You would say “It’s all worth it!”

WE CARE about your COMFORT!
Do you even get a seat sometimes worth your ticket?
BTW lets you pick the vehicle at your own comfort. We maintain a policy both hosts and
passengers have to comply with. And that is to make sure you all are safe and comfortable.
You would say “It’s all worth it!”

03. Why BTW?
For Hosts – It’s about profiting from your time on the road.
For Passengers – It’s about finding a safe, comfortable and low-cost ride to your destination.
For both – It’s about finding friends and clicking with the like-minded.

BTW guarantees an enhanced travel experience for you.

What do you say? It’s all worth it?
Rate us how well we do.

Stay tuned for new and exciting features coming up!

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