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In a world that is technologically driven, Eyerus was created to utilise the existing technology to help solve one of the biggest pandemics in South Africa – contact crime, which includes sexual violence, rape, assault and Gender Based Violence.
With almost every South African using a smartphone, the smart thing to do was to create a mobile app designed to provide personal safety for everyone needing the freedom to live without fear, in a society gripped by crime.
Eyerus is an automated algorithm that provides personal safety and security in the palm of your hands. You can now move with safety and freedom anywhere, at any time, without fear.
With a virtual companion like Eyerus, you will never walk alone but within an ecosystem created to improve security for individuals, businesses, and communities. Eyerus is not just an app, it is a technological gateway in combating contact crime such as sexual violence, rape, hate crime and Gender Based Violence, creating a safer and equal society for all.
Safety in the palm of your hands.
Eyerus uses smart technology to give you and your loved ones peace of mind, by keeping you connected and help within reach, anywhere, anytime.
This state-of-the-art innovative technology features:
Green Alert Mode – Safe and Sound
The green alert mode indicates you are safe and all is well. When you feel your safety is being compromised you can escalate the alert mode according to the severity of your situation.
Amber Alert Mode - Audio Recording
By simply shaking your phone you can automatically activate the amber alert mode which triggers live audio streaming to a secure cloud. You can activate the amber alert mode in any situation where you feel unsafe.
Red Alert Mode – Live Video Streaming
When you find yourself in escalated danger, the red alert mode will notify your pre –assigned guardians. The app will automatically share your location and happenings with them via live video streaming which is instantly uploaded onto the secured cloud.
Blue Alert Mode – Armed Emergency Personnel Dispatched
Activating the blue alert mode will dispatch private security services with an average 5 to 8 minutes response time in urban areas, covering all nine provinces in South Africa.
Check In Alert Mode
You can determine how long you want Eyerus to keep watch over you. If you do not check in within a predetermined time frame, Eyerus will then alert your guardians, in turn giving your guardians remote control to trigger the blue alert mode if you are unresponsive.
Travel Safe Mode
Inform Eyerus of your destination. If something out of the ordinary disturbs your travel route, Eyerus will request your unique code that indicates you are safe. If you are unresponsive or provide an incorrect code Eyerus will escalate the situation.
Jog Safe Mode – (next update)
Set in your jog route on Eyerus. If you stray from your route or do not arrive within a set time, Eyerus will request your unique verification code. If you are unresponsive or respond with an incorrect code, this will signal you are in distress and Eyerus will escalate the situation.
Dead Man Trigger
This feature allows you to set a 10 second trigger when you feel most unsafe. Keep your finger on your phone and if you are in danger remove your finger from the trigger button, a 10 second countdown will begin. Should you not enter your unique code, Eyerus will automatically escalate to blue alert mode.

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